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Top 10 Reasons This is the Best Scene that Has Ever Been in a Movie…Ever

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In honor of Spiegelmama’s birthday, I am posting about one of her favorite movies and the best scene that has ever been in a movie ever.  I will also give you the Top Ten Reasons why it is the best scene that has ever been in a movie ever…as if  I even have to explain.

10. It features Morris Day in 1984. And in ’84,  Morris Day was the hottest thing to swing a pimp cane.

9. What? Yes! The hottest! Why? Yeah, I know he had a pompadour and a mustache, and he occasionally wore a doo-rag with a zoot suit, but there was no one, I repeat NO ONE, hotter than Morris!

8. Okay, fine. You want to play it that way? Number 8 is: It features Morris Day in 1984. And in ’84,  Morris Day was the hottest thing to swing a pimp cane. Don’t mess with me…

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The Mystery of Ph. D, Mtv, and the video for I Won’t Let You Down.

This is not a popular post. It never got one comment or one like. Understandable. I always assumed that I was the only early 80s PhD fan. Then, this morning,
Eric sent me this message.

“Comment: Who is the girl in the video?”
Which one? The icy blond walking the dog, or the catatonic blonde with the Ditch braids? I don’t know Eric, but I felt for his plight. There is just not enough information about PhD videos out there. My first instinct was to suggest that Eric ask Jim Diamond himself, but then I remembered. Jim Diamond died recently. I looked it up, to be sure, and yes. He died. ONE YEAR AGO TODAY! One of two things is happening, one…he is trending on some social media site somewhere….or two, my junior high crush is haunting me through my blog. Believe what you want, Lerlines.

slumber party movies

Back when I was 11, I had a bit of a crush on Jim Diamond, lead singer of the Mtv rising stars, Ph. D. What? So he’s a little weird looking? I like weird looking.

Totes hot, am I right? Please say yes. Totes hot, am I right? Please say yes.

The problem with having a crush on Jim Diamond of PH. D.  was that by the time I was 11 and a half, Mtv stopped playing their video, and never played them again. What’s that you say? Teen Beat?! Ha! Teen Beat would never publish a picture of Jim Diamond. They were too busy finding new un-airbrushed* photos of Ralph Macchio. No. For a 12 year old girl in America in 1982, Ph. D. were as unattainable as wine coolers and earth-tones. 

Then, quite few years later, came YouTube. The first Ph. D. gem I dug up was Little Suzi’s on the Up. The video combines a…

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RIP Anne Meara.

Goodbye, Ms. Sherwood. Don’t take any of Leroy’s crap when you see him*.

*Gene Anthony Ray died in 2003 (three letters took him to his final resting place)…which just adds to the sadness of this post.

What? Another Goldblum alert?

Hell yeah, Lerlines. Goldblum is back and more Goldblumy than ever. This is worth a watch, but Goldblum purists will want to skip to the end, where Goldblum plays a cop on the edge willing to do anything, even steal a watch from a watch, to get his watch. Watch it.

Maybe I should set up a Goldblum subscription service?

Goldblum ALERT!

Is it me, or did it just get Goldblumey in here?

Is it me, or did it just get Goldblumey in here?

This is not a drill. The best thing on the Internet right now is a light bulb commercial, and it is pure Goldblum magic. See for yourself.

Warning: It gets a little hot in the hot tub.

The king is dead.

James Garner will be long remembered as Maverick, Rockford, or for a few of us romantic comedy suckers, the Murphy in Murphy’s Romance, but to me he will always be King Marchand. He will always be the lovable gangster who fell in love with a woman who was pretending to be a man who was pretending to be a woman.


A real man’s man.

In some weird cosmic way, I’d like to think that he’s laughing at Robert Preston’s drag routine in the great cabaret in the sky.

Viva la Revolution!

Thirteen years ago to this day, a college friend of mine took me to a party next door to the most pretentious grocery store in San Francisco, where I met fellow SlumberPartyMovians Melinda and Karen.

It was a Bastille Day party. Melinda was bent over her oven, pulling out a tray of French fries. I mentioned that they were Fronch! Fries! And she said she also had Fronch! Toast! And Peru! And an epic friendship was born.

It wasn’t until about two weeks later, when Karen said “The Chauffeur” was the sexiest Duran Duran song ever, that my official self-adoption into their family was complete, but suffice to say: June 2001 was a very good month.

2Good4u Reigns at Purple Rain.

Thanks to all who gave us fab costume ideas for the 30th Anniversary Showing of Purple Rain at the Balboa. * We threw together some last-minute creations and did not even consider the fact that there would be a costume competition until the organizers of this fab affair steered us towards the auditorium on the right, where the competition would be fierce!

And I mean Fierce! Look at my girl Corvette as Wendy! Look at her. If the button placement doesn’t bring tears to your eyes, I don’t want to know you.


Ding ding ding ding ding-ding ding. Computer Blue.

She’s not going to put a dark cloud over you.


And look, look how Pepper acts like all her brains are in her cleavage. Oh! Oh! Even better is how Butterscotch manages to look exactly like a cross between a 17 year old girl and a magician, capturing Prince’s essence perfectly.

King Kong? No, but here...pick a card. Any card.

King Kong? No, but here…pick a card. Any card.


My Lisa was just a pair of lace gloves and a little back-combing, but standing next to these three, I was confident in getting fourth place.

Excuse me, do you have a few minutes to talk about purifying yourself in Lake Minnetonka?

Excuse me, do you have a few minutes to talk about purifying yourself in Lake Minnetonka?

And I got it! You already saw places one through three. And guess what? They gave out exactly FOUR PRIZES! It was the most 80s-movie moment of my life. Corvette won the DVD, which we will soon be blogging about whilst drunk. I got a poster which will soon be framed and put on my wall because I am at that age when I put posters in frames.

Oh, and for those smart-asses who think we’re too old for this, here is a picture of us about ten years ago when were also too old for this.

Suck it, haters.

Suck it, haters.



*And apologies to anyone who sat near us. What can we say? We like Purple Rain. Loudly.

Our Best Movie Clip Post Ever.

The other night at Slumber Party Headquarters*, we sat down over a couple mock-mocktails to hash out a question that has been puzzling Slumber Party historians for eons. What is the absolute best scene from a slumber party movie ever? Lerlines, you know I fought for the Girl Group Rehearsal scene from Purple Rain. I fought for you, Morris! For the love of Burt Reynolds, I FOUGHT FOR YOU!

Sadly, I got shouted down and had mock fake booze thrown at me. … Mostly by Spiegelmama, who later admitted she wasn’t really paying attention and thought we were arguing about whether or not Duran Duran’s Andy Taylor should have been replaced with Gary Richrath back in ’91**. Despite the controversy, I think the clip we decided on is a solid, if slightly controversial, choice. What do you think? (You’ll really need to watch the clip all the way to the end to get what we mean.)

*Yes. It is a magical place filled with egg chairs and mountains of Jiffy Pop. Why?

**Why not? He wasn’t doing anything.

McConnelling Slumber Party Style.

Verbatim transcript of a recent imaginary conversation:

Jody: Can you make me some McConnelling videos, please?

Me: No. Sorry. I’ve told you I don’t do porn. … Anymore.

Jody: It’s not porn, it’s adding different music to McConnell’s campaign ad.

Me: Who is McConnell? Is he the geeky little brother in Making the Grade?

Jody: No. He’s a politician.

Me: Is he a much older, married boyfriend in St. Elmo’s Fire?

Jody: He’s a real person.

Me: A wha?

Jody: Never mind. Look. I have the flu. I feel like I’m dying. This will make me feel better. … Just do it.

Me: Fine, but only because you’ll be dead soon.

Jody: I said I feel like I’m dying…never mind. Here’s a list of songs.

Red Tiki: Hold up! Can you also do The Chauffeur?

Me: Maybe. If you’re lucky.

Me: Wait! What if I use an old Gilda Radner sketch. That would be funny right?