McConnelling Slumber Party Style.

Verbatim transcript of a recent imaginary conversation:

Jody: Can you make me some McConnelling videos, please?

Me: No. Sorry. I’ve told you I don’t do porn. … Anymore.

Jody: It’s not porn, it’s adding different music to McConnell’s campaign ad.

Me: Who is McConnell? Is he the geeky little brother in Making the Grade?

Jody: No. He’s a politician.

Me: Is he a much older, married boyfriend in St. Elmo’s Fire?

Jody: He’s a real person.

Me: A wha?

Jody: Never mind. Look. I have the flu. I feel like I’m dying. This will make me feel better. … Just do it.

Me: Fine, but only because you’ll be dead soon.

Jody: I said I feel like I’m dying…never mind. Here’s a list of songs.

Red Tiki: Hold up! Can you also do The Chauffeur?

Me: Maybe. If you’re lucky.

Me: Wait! What if I use an old Gilda Radner sketch. That would be funny right?

One response to “McConnelling Slumber Party Style.

  1. Red Tiki’s friend Rob: What? Nobody’s done Dreamweaver?
    Me: Who you calling nobody?

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