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3 reasons Hackers kicked ass

A recent Facebook thread reminded me of the awesomeness that is Hackers (1995). I have a million things I want to say about this movie, but for now I’ll just say that to me, it’s the best representation of what the coding “flow” feels like. Here are three other reasons this movie is rad.

1. The authentic hacker bad guys. See how terrifying Penn Jillette looks? Doesn’t Fisher Stevens just ooze menace? Thing is, this is what a sizable percentage of hackers really look like. Bonus: That’s Lorraine Bracco, the psychiatrist from The Sopranos, as boss-lady Margo.

Penn Jillette, Lorraine Bracco, and Fisher Stevens in Hackers (1995)

Penn Jillette, Lorraine Bracco, and Fisher Stevens are super evil in Hackers. (Publicity still via IMDB.)

2. The authentic hacker good guys. I swear, I have dated the real-life version of every one of these characters, especially Zero Cool. The look, the persona, the shared insane petty competitiveness – this movie nails it.

3. Presaging Google Glass. Hat tip to the lovely and talented Layla Rudy for pointing this out, writing, “Can we talk about how Google stole the Glass idea from Jonny Lee Miller?” Obviously this wasn’t the first such head-mounted camera fantasy, but it’s fun to think of how that has now come true.

Jonny Lee Miller wears Google Glass in 1995 movie Hackers

Jonny Lee Miller was Google Glass before it was cool. Or invented. (Video still from Layla Rudy.)

Man, now I have to go watch this movie again. Dang.

Trapped by “Trapped in the Closet”

Does R. Kelly’s epic “Trapped in the Closet” series count as a slumber party movie? I think it does, when IFC runs them all in a row. So I’ll share my Storified live tweet:

Trapped, Part 3: The live tweetfest · Storify.

My favorite character is Pimp Lucius, for reasons both outlined in the Storify and demonstrated in this video.

Somebody grab Lucille and turn her ass around, would you?

You’ve made me so happy, Alex Karras

Oh dear. One of my very favorite comic actors, Alex Karras, is on the roof and is not coming down. His family has been losing him bit by bit, but it seems the poor guy is, as one friend of his said, “in transition.”

Karras is probably best known as the dad from Webster, or maybe Mongo in Blazing Saddles, but to me, he’ll always be the closeted, then freed, bodyguard from Victor Victoria. God, how I love Victor Victoria.

As “Squash” Bernstein said to King Marchand:

As Alex said to James Garner: You've made me so happy.

Good night, sweet prince.

Animated GIF scrounged from Strange how you know inside me.

Way to go, Ned!

While I was researching for an upcoming post comparing Flashdance and Showgirls, I saw that Slap Shot (1977) was on that minute. I turned the channel and they were all fighting on the ice. But fighting led to…

Everything about this scene is magic. That marching band deserved an Oscar for best soundtrack. Happy Friday, y’all!