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Tribute to Gregory Hines #420

My brother posted a news story from a celebration on a Santa Cruz college campus on 4/20  with the caption, “Roman Red.” It inspired me to post this kind vid from History of The World Part 1.



This clip more than speaks for itself, but if it doesn’t, I’ll try. Gregory Hines, wearing an ill-fitting Roman soldier uniform jumped off the back of a chariot into field of funny looking plants, asking for “papyrus! Rolling papyrus!” It was one of the highlights of an already bright career.

Watch for my two favorite lines: “You people don’t know the value.” and “Let the coolness get into our vertebrae.”  Please add your own in the comments.


Wait…Did That Really Happen? Butts-a-Popping Edition

Have you ever remembered a movie from your childhood, but it was so weird that you thought to yourself, “Wait…did that really happen, or did I do a lot of peyote as a child? Was that an actual movie, or something my mind created to block out the memory of seeing my Uncle Phil naked?” As a public service, Slumber Party Movies will solve those cinematic mysteries for you…one naked-uncle replaced memory at a time.

The first “Wait…Did that Really Happen?” is the one where that guy creates a line of jeans with the ass cheeks cut out that sweeps the nation because, it turns out, no one really wants their pants to actually cover their asses. Hallucinogenic-fueled mental-break or actual movie? ACTUAL MOVIE. Yes! So Fine came out in 1981…and that guy? He was played with relentless maleness by Ryan O’Neal. Don’t believe me? Here is the evidence.


Tuesday Tribute: Madeline Kahn and Gregory Hines

This week’s tribute is quick and brutally sad. Sadder than sad, bluer than blue, Lerlines, because the two gorgeous, hilarious, gorgeously hilarious, and hilariously gorgeous people in this classic Mel Brooks bit are no longer on this planet. I know! The abyss! The abyss! It is too wide! Don’t worry. I’ll cheer you up with a little ass after this.

Josephus and Empress Nympho

“Say When”

Get ready….

Here it is!

The Empress Ponders the Peen.