Our Best Movie Clip Post Ever.

The other night at Slumber Party Headquarters*, we sat down over a couple mock-mocktails to hash out a question that has been puzzling Slumber Party historians for eons. What is the absolute best scene from a slumber party movie ever? Lerlines, you know I fought for the Girl Group Rehearsal scene from Purple Rain. I fought for you, Morris! For the love of Burt Reynolds, I FOUGHT FOR YOU!

Sadly, I got shouted down and had mock fake booze thrown at me. … Mostly by Spiegelmama, who later admitted she wasn’t really paying attention and thought we were arguing about whether or not Duran Duran’s Andy Taylor should have been replaced with Gary Richrath back in ’91**. Despite the controversy, I think the clip we decided on is a solid, if slightly controversial, choice. What do you think? (You’ll really need to watch the clip all the way to the end to get what we mean.)

*Yes. It is a magical place filled with egg chairs and mountains of Jiffy Pop. Why?

**Why not? He wasn’t doing anything.

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