Fringed White Leather. Who Wore it Best?

When I posted about Cindy Mancini’s fringed suede outfit that the plot of Can’t Buy Me Love turned on, I was remiss in not mentioning that Sloane Peterson also wore white fringe dead cow skin in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. But who wore it best? I think that all that fringe, combined with the matching tube top, makes Cindy look like a hooker with a law degree*. Sloane, on the other hand, looks like she rolled a roadie from The Steve Miller Band before getting dressed that morning.



I can’t decide. What do you think, Lerlines?

* You know I’m working on my pitch for Cinnamon’s Justice as we speak. The tag line is going to be “Hey baby, wanna lawyer?”

3 responses to “Fringed White Leather. Who Wore it Best?

  1. Given the fact that Cindy borrowed it from her mother, paid $1200 for it (can you imagine what it would cost in 2013 dollars?!), and was at a teen party with red wine (I mean, really)–all of those things favor Sloane.

    That morning Sloane woke up, went to her closet and was all, “Hmm…. I’ll go with the fringe suede and the kicky boots today. It might be breezy when I hit downtown with Ferris.” It was just something Sloane had in her closet, and even if it’s her “cute” jacket, it’s still just a jacket. And let’s face it: in 1986, we all had fringe. Cindy, on the other hand, stole it from her mother like she thought it was the best outfit EVER.

    Plus, Sloane is Sloane and Cindy is Cindy, so Sloane wins. Always.

  2. They’re both absolutely dreadful. I call this a tie.

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