Get Well, Tim Curry! We need you.

No need for eyeliner.

No need for eyeliner.

Lerlines! Tim Curry has had a stroke. Apparently, he’s doing just fine, but OH! What a shock! We need our Tim Curries hale, robust, vibrant and as healthy as possible. Here…watch him play the delightfully prim Dr. Pool in Oscar, another movie in which he did what he does best–stealing every scene he’s in.

2 responses to “Get Well, Tim Curry! We need you.

  1. Oh, no! Who else will bring us our annual dose of weird? And big ups for featuring Oscar, a movie everybody but me hates. I thought it was hilarious. (I might not anymore, but when I was 16: hilarious!)

  2. I saw this in the theater. I loved it then, and I still love it. An old fashioned farce. What’s not to love? And Princess Aura is in it. And Boon, too!

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