Grease v Grease 2. Smackdown.

Okay, for once and for all let’s answer the question none of us are asking. Which is better? Grease or Grease 2?

Both were set at Rydell High. A school run by an adorable, long-term same sex couple.

Still going strong!

Both had T-Birds and Pink Ladies.

We are way tough. We’re wearing leather!

Poodle Skirt Pyramid!

Both had Balmudo.

So…is my nickname Ball? Or…just wondering.

Who ever said Grease is good for your skin lied!

And Eugene.


Both had Frenchy but in Grease, she ruined her hair by dying it pink. In Grease 2, she pretended she meant to do that.

Help me Teen Angel! I look like Strawberry Shortcake.

Wow, Frenchy. You look like Strawberry Shortcake! … I know!

Advantage: Grease

Grease brought back Frankie Avalon, Sid Caesar and Joan Blondell.

Holy crap! Am I playing a waitress? But…I’m Joan Blondell!

Grease 2 Brought back Connie Stevens and Tab Hunter.

Is this really our first movie together?

Advantage: Grease

Grease introduced us to Lorenzo Lamas.

Really? I was in this movie? And I was blonde? Weird.

Grease 2 introduced us to Michelle Pfeiffer.

This is what I did for my audition.

Advantage Grease 2.

Grease had Stockard Channing.

Come on! Who could out sexy sass me? Wink.

Grease 2 had Lorna Luft.

Could it be me? Maybe? Flutter.

Slight advantage to Grease.

Grease had Greased Lightning.

It might not look like it, but this song is DIRTY!

Grease had Michelle Pfeiffer on a ladder.

This song is waaaaay less dirty than it looks.

Advantage Grease.

Grease had a slumber party.

This is what girls do if there are no boys around after 10 pm.

Grease 2 went bowling.

This is what they do when the boys are still around after 10 pm.

Hmm…Grease had Jan and her toothbrush, but Grease 2 had Lorna and her gold pants.


Grease had Thunder Road.

Actual deadly danger.

Grease 2 had a choreographed motorcycle fight.

Who are those guys?

Advantage: Grease 2

Grease had backseat sex.

Oh Sandy!

Grease 2 attempted sex in a bomb shelter.

Your mother don’t even have to know about it.

Advantage: Grease 2

Grease had a Big Dance Contest.

Should have worn skin tight leather, Sandy.

Grease 2 prepared for the Big Talent Show.

You’re doing Mr. Sandman?! I was going to do that song, bitch!

Advantage Grease 2…because of the Girl for All Seasons Song. Suck it, hand jive!

Grease had a fat girl who was not fat.

Yep. That’s right. The girl on the right. In the green. The fat girl.

Grease 2 had a girl with an actual big nose.

Yes! Bringing Barbara realness in pink satin.

Advantage Grease 2.

Grease had Teen Angel.

Teen my ass!

Grease 2 had fake, Dead Michael.

Am I dead? Or just a figment of your crazy imagination?

Advantage Grease

Grease had this psychotic break.

Is heaven a hair salon?

Grease 2 had this one.

Um…hello! Stephanie! You were supposed to be singing A Girl for All Seasons. I’m dressed like a frigging tree.

Advantage Grease

Grease had a pretty Aussie who needed a  make-over to seem tougher.

I’m sorry. Did you just say stud?

So did Grease 2.

So pretty, mate!

Advantage Grease

Grease had a pregnancy scare.

I’m not knocked up.

Grease 2 had a statutory rape scare.

Dude! She’s 12.

Oh, but so did Grease.

Dude! She’s 16.

Who won? I’ll let you decide, but…just remember.

Grease ended at The Carnival!

Let’s get those Grease 2 punks.

Grease 2 ended at The Luau!

Let’s do this thing! I’ve got a tiki torch.

8 responses to “Grease v Grease 2. Smackdown.

  1. This goes in the slumberpartymovies Hall of Fame for fantasticity.

  2. I watched Grease recently, and I have to apologize to Grease 2’s T-Birds. A few years ago I was heard to say that the T-Birds in the first movie actually WERE tough and cool, while Adrian Zmed’s T-Birds were colossal dorks, but please accept my apologies, Adrian Zmed. Jeff Conway’s T-Birds were every bit as dorky and uncool as yours, which I guess goes to show that there are very, very few truly cool people in high school.

    • I give the slight edge to Grease here. I was thinking the difference was Thunder Road, then I remembered the motorcycle chase. But the big difference is that there is actual sex in Grease and attempted (sloppily) sex in Grease 2. I mean really. An air raid siren?

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  5. When I was a kid, I was a fan of both Grease and Grease 2, though if I had to pick between the two, I would have chosen Grease but that was from the perspective of a child, who really didn’t get most of the innuendo or the plots at the time.

    Then when I hit my teen years, my love for the original grease was replaced by the second one. (I still love the original Grease though, it’s just I identify more with the female characters in the second)

    As a female who believes in being true to herself and having experienced society trying to shame me into what THEY believe a woman should be, I absolutely love the female characters in this film, because with the exception of Rhonda, they are all strong and true to themselves in their own way.

    Of course Stephanie is the ultimate miss independent (“I ain’t no-ones trophy Goose” “Yeah independent, I kiss who I want, when I want” “Maybe I’m tired of just being someone’s chick” and many other examples, including her cool rider song)

    Paulette stands up to Johnny (“You wanna hear my final word Mr Push-Everyone-Around-Nogerelli? You may be able to bully some of the chicks in this school but this chick has been bullied by one Johnny Nogerelli for the last time. I may not be the classiest chick in this school but I’m the best you’re ever gonna get, so take it or leave it!”) so take it or leave it!”)

    Then you’ve got Sharon, who know’s that she is not yet ready for sex and does not give in to her boyfriend’s many attempts to trick her into doing it, despite knowing that him being one of the T-Birds, could probably ditch her and get with many other girls in the school if he wanted.

    Grease 2 also has Michelle Pfeiffer, better outfits, more comedy, really catchy songs that are just as good as (but I wouldn’t say better than) those featured in the original and it breaks stereotypes.

    None of the women change themselves or go against their personal morals/values for the sake of a guy and I feel that even though I prefer Grease 2 for that very reason, it’s also why most people don’t.

    In Grease, Sandy changes herself and even smokes etc. (when deep down she doesn’t like it) she’s willing to do this, all for the guy who publicly humiliated her on more than one occasion and who also nearly raped her at the drive-in. For a society who is so obsessed with how much self-respect a woman does or does not have (Rizzo being ‘slut shamed’) I ask you: where is the self-respect in that?

    Grease 2 isn’t favoured by most of the population because it doesn’t subscribe to the whole ‘Guys can be the biggest bellends out there, they can do whatever they want, behave how they want, still get the girl they want and have women play by their rules’ theme of the original Grease.

    When slating Grease 2, people like to argue that it’s not realistic, for example the Turn Back The Hands Of Time scene… Right, well Grease has the beauty school dropout scene which is pretty similar and Grease 2 isn’t the one with a flying car at the end.

    Grease 2 wins

  6. Jeez, Samantha, if you wanted to write a Slumber Party post, all you had to do was ask.

  7. I’ve seen both, but I fell asleep in Grease 2. In my opinion Grease is way better. Grease I could watch for ever, Grease 2, I won’t watch it again. Even though they both have Frenchy (who is my favourite character), I prefer the songs in Grease. I prefer the drag race to the motorcycle race, the actual cast members. I prefer the dance contest to the talent show. I could go on like this all day, and night. The point is I think that, ‘Grease is better!’

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