Why Don’t You Play Videos Anymore?

Alas, today I’m actually in the office, not working from home, so I can’t do the in-depth talk-about that I usually do with our Friday morning taste of MTV. And honestly, I haven’t been terribly inspired this week. Generally FMVs come about because I’ve been singing a song all week, or some event inspires me, but this week? De nada.

Except this began circulating around the Facebooks, and I think it’s fracking brilliant. Some of MY best memories are of watching videos (that is, videos taped from my grandmother’s cable, since we didn’t have cable, or from Friday Night Videos), and I, too, wondered for awhile why MTV stopped showing videos. And then, honestly, I realized I hated most of the music MTV was playing, and stopped caring, except for in that “I wonder what the M stands for these days” kind of way. I don’t feel bitter about MTV not playing videos, because I have YouTube, and that’s where I can watch 25-year-old videos of music I never stopped loving.

I love many things about this question and response, but several things jump out at me:

  1. The guy is roughly my age. So when he’s bitching about Natalie, he’s totally bemoaning the youngsters and effectively telling her to quit whining, because SHE’S GETTING OLD TOO.
  2. The “executive” he’s playing is named Michael Destiny.
  3. He’s filmed in front of the astronaut.
  4. I didn’t realize it was a parody until I looked up “Michael Destiny” to find out how old he is. That’s how good it is, and how much I wanted to believe a network head would actually say this.

Here’s the truth about me and the other bloggers here at Slumber Party Central: we are getting older. We don’t watch MTV, and haven’t for some time. It’s no coincidence that the videos we play are from the days when MTV DID play videos, because that was the best way for bands to get their music heard. Now, there’s the internet, and YouTube, and little brats who think they’re entitled to steal music just because they can. (Newsflash: IT’S STILL STEALING. YOU ARE A THIEF.)

Very, very rarely does a video trickle up (or down) to my public-radio-listening, antenna-TV-watching household, but when it does, it’s something like this, which I can watch with my two toddlers. Thank you, OK GO, for putting your videos on YouTube, and providing us with an updated version of Sesame Street’s stop-motion animation videos.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming!

2 responses to “Why Don’t You Play Videos Anymore?

  1. I’m just going to admit this now. I watch the Top 20 Video Countdown on VH1 every weekend. Yeah. There’s a lot of Bieber. And precious little Pavement. Just kidding. No one at VH1 knows who Pavement is.

  2. I would like to see a Celebrity Smackdown between Bieber and Pavement.

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