Tuesday Tribute: Best Drinking Scene in a Teen Comedy

This scene from John Hughes’ Weird Science deserves a tribute for its epic greatness, but also because, since Gary’s pimp character would not pass modern PC standards, a scene like this would not be made today. So it’s not PC…does that mean that it can’t be EPIC? I don’t think so. Let’s remember one thing–Lisa is magic. She has magic powers. She uses them to outfit herself, Wyatt and Gary in the finest prom wear that the 80s had to offer, but instead of using those magic powers to go on a Ferris-Buelleresque tippy-tappy champagne and foie gras tour of only the cuntiest penthouses in the Chicago skyline, Lisa conjures up pink Cadillac so they can cruise to the South Side and drink Blind-Dog Bourbon at a blues bar straight out of a Jim Croce song. Privileged white boys? In the South Side of Chicago? Hilarity surely will ensue, right? Right. But it mostly comes from the common ground that Gary finds with the malakas at The Kandy Bar. And maybe that was what Lisa was trying to teach Gary. He wasn’t the first one to go crazy for a big set of titties. He wasn’t the only guy in the world to get kneed in the family jewels. It was not just him and Wyatt against the slushie-throwing (no, Glee did not invent that) Robert Downeys of the world. He was not alone. And perhaps that was Lisa’s magic. Or perhaps it’s just a funny scene in a funny movie. Either way, enjoy.

Extra Credit: Is it possible that the Kids in the Hall sketch “Mississippi Gary” was not based on Mississippi Fred McDowell, as previously thought, but on Gary’s un-PC pimp character? Discuss.

9 responses to “Tuesday Tribute: Best Drinking Scene in a Teen Comedy

  1. Not only is this scene hilarious, but it results in an often-quoted line in my family, “How about a nice greasy pork sandwich served in a dirty ashtray?”

    • This is a very quotable movie. My sister and I quoted nearly every line of this scene. Especially “Crazy insane?” and “On the telephone”? But we missed the opportunity to turn “See you guys in the emergency room” into a toast. Ah well. Can’t change the past.

  2. I completely forgot this scene. Need to watch this movie again!

  3. “See you guys in the emergency room” is an excellent toast! I am totally stealing this. Thanks for the tip, shindancer

  4. Our most oft-quoted line from this is “DRINK IT.” In fact, we’ve said it so often I’d forgotten it came from Weird Science.

  5. Oh, and also: “Dat’s the troof, baby.”

    I also need to re-rent this.

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  8. There is no doubt in my mind that Mississippi Gary of Kids in the Hall and Drunk-ass Gary of Weird Science are the same guy! I am just so glad someone made the effort to give us more Gary!

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