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Andy Griffith RIP …. Slumber Party Style.

Another very sad Tuesday Tribute as Andy Griffith has just died at the tender age of 86. I’m willing to bet that there was never a slumber party that featured a Matlock marathon (and if there were, I would not want to be at that party). But you just know that some slumber party somewhere put this comedic gem into the old dvd player. Spy Hard features Andy Griffith as a crazed general intent on ruling, or ruining, the world. This trailer actually acts as a tribute not just to Andy, but also the ridiculously funny, Leslie Nielson and Ray Charles in a brilliant cameo as the bus driver in the Speed bit. But the funniest line in this trailer goes to the late, great Pat Morita who says, “Well I like to wear loose fitting clothes, and I drive a 69 Pinto” with so much comedic brilliance, that he wins the “Aw…I can’t believe he’s dead!” award for most missed celebrity in the Spy Hard trailer. (No small feat, Morita!)

Now, I realize that General Rancor is not the role Andy wanted to be remembered for, but then again…maybe it was. … Uh…no. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t. My apologies to Mr. Griffith’s family.