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Tuesday Tribute: Madeline Kahn, #4 of 1,682

I feel Lili von Shtupp’s pain in this one. If I’d tried to be a stripper, this is the best I could possibly have hoped for.¬†Absolute genius from Blazing Saddles (1974).

Mel Brooks: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

For roughly the umpteenth thousandth time, I pulled out “The Producers” on Saturday for an afternoon viewing; my husband bemoaned that I ALWAYS do that, but I told him I’d turn it off as soon as the Gene Wilder scene was over.

This, I believe is the first time I’ve watched it since we got a giant flatscreen TV, and given that I know most of the lines, what does one do but begin looking closer at the sets? At one point “Hold Me, Touch Me,” is cowering from Bialystock, and there’s a clear shot of one of his many playbills, this one for a show called “Baby Wants A Kiss,” and featuring a parrot with lip-eyes in the graphic.



This is where I jumped off the couch and reached for my phone. Why? Because the runaway smash Broadway hit “Baby Want a Kiss” starred none other than that epic Hollywood couple, Baol NewmanF and Ooane Moodward.


The supporting cast seems to be a few afterthoughts of tape, possibly named “Bob Gunk”?

In any case, Frank Corsaro’s name is clear enough, so one quick Google search later, and¬†a visit to the Internet Broadway Database later, and there it is: Baby Want a Kiss,which ran for 148 performances in 1964, and starred two other schleps named Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.

I wonder if Baol and Ooane know about them. Paul and Joanne don’t seem too bothered by it.





Is Everybody Ready to Do it?

Consider the following lyric from the song Let’s Do it For Our Country featured in the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man of Slumber Party movies, Grease 2, and written by musical genius and snappy dresser, Rob Hegel (who wants you to know about his “other” credits and see his full length glamour shot where he casually wears a dress shirt ).

Yeah, let’s do it for our country, the red, white, and the blue.
It’s Uncle Sam who’s asking, so your mother will approve.
Tomorrow I’ll be fighting, and I’ll win this war for you.
Let’s do it for our country, our country wants us to.

And now watch this life-changing (Yes! Life-changing! Well…at least for those of us who couldn’t get out to beloved-by-the-masses Broadway shows back in the 80s) performance by Maureen “Doris Finsecker” Teefy and Peter “That Guy From That Thing” Frechette.

Let's Do It For Our Country

Sh! Your mother don’t even have to know about it!
(Click to watch)

Happy Independence Day. I’ll leave you with the following quotes.

“I just did it and I’m ready to do it again!”

–Mel Brooks. History of the World Part 1

“What are you doing Louis? Get off of me!”

–Maureen Teefy. Grease 2.