The Mystery of Ph. D, Mtv, and the video for I Won’t Let You Down.

Back when I was 11, I had a bit of a crush on Jim Diamond, lead singer of the Mtv rising stars, Ph. D. What? So he’s a little weird looking? I like weird looking.

Totes hot, am I right? Please say yes.

Totes hot, am I right? Please say yes.

The problem with having a crush on Jim Diamond of PH. D.  was that by the time I was 11 and a half, Mtv stopped playing their video, and never played them again. What’s that you say? Teen Beat?! Ha! Teen Beat would never publish a picture of Jim Diamond. They were too busy finding new un-airbrushed* photos of Ralph Macchio. No. For a 12 year old girl in America in 1982, Ph. D. were as unattainable as wine coolers and earth-tones. 

Then, quite few years later, came YouTube. The first Ph. D. gem I dug up was Little Suzi’s on the Up. The video combines a sweet-as-candy story of a couple getting ready for a night of competitive ballroom dancing, with the competing and creepy stories of a stalker dance judge and a sassy saxophone player/ hairdresser obsessed with something that only looks like pickled eggs.

Despite the meat, motorcycles, and whatever the hell was in that jar, I only had vague memories of that video. The video that I vividly remember was for I won’t Let You Down. It also featured a bit of stalking, but it was by a cartoonish assassin who follows our intrepid hero as he begs forgiveness from his too-tall girlfriend.

Um…what the hell was that? It’s like what would happen if Roman Polanski’s inner psyche was caught on film. No. Wrong. Let me try that again.

HOLY CRAP! What am I looking at and why the hell am I looking at it? Why are they in a theater, and how many minutes do I have to look at it? Let’s try again.

Ah! That’s better.  And see? The cartoonish assassin didn’t really want to blow up Jim Diamond with a plant; he only wanted the girl–the cold, mean, dog-obsessed girl. But still…cute, right?

But it makes me wonder. What is the meaning of those other videos? Were they submitted to Mtv, only to be turned down? In the early ’80s? When Mtv was playing Steve Miller’s Abracadabra on heavy rotation? It makes no sense. But it does explain why Mtv stopped playing Ph. D. Maybe Diamond and company were so sick and tired of being turned down, they started acting really snippy. Here’s how I imagine it started:

Mark Goodman: Here in the studio, a band that is soaring up the charts never, I’m sure, to fall back to earth, Ph. D. Jim, how does it feel to be the latest Mtv darling?

Jim Diamond: Fuck you, Mark. Your head looks like pubes.

And then he dissed Martha Quinn, and that was the beginning of the end.

I’m just guessing, of course. Jim Diamond is still around, still making music, still kind of cute in a weird way, and icing on cake, makes music for disadvantaged children. 

I suppose I could just ask him, but I’m scared.

*Old Teen Beat photos are like a Comstock Lode of Proactive “before” pictures.

13 responses to “The Mystery of Ph. D, Mtv, and the video for I Won’t Let You Down.

  1. Reblogged this on slumber party movies and commented:

    This post never got one comment or one like. I get that. I always assumed that I was the only early 80s PhD fan. Then, this morning,
    Eric sent me this message. Comment: Who is the girl in the video?
    I don’t know Eric, but I feel for his plight. There is just not enough information about PhD videos. My first instinct was to suggest that Eric ask Jim Diamond himself, but then I remembered. Jim Diamond died recently. I looked it up, to be sure, and yes. He died. ONE YEAR AGO TODAY! One of two things is happening, one…he is trending on some social media site somewhere….or two, my junior high crush is haunting me through my blog. Believe what you want, Lerlines.

    • They have just shown the video on old re-run of top of the pops , I wanted to know the name of the girl as well, she made a big impression on a 12 year old me.

  2. Those were the dats

    I remember this number very well and remember singing it because I found it so catchy. As for the girl she is probably a professional model but my curiuosty led me to this site where I learnt of Jim’s Diamonds death.

  3. Yes! He was so hot! Yes! Pity i’m late.

  4. I’m old and tired but remember Phd and this song well. I drove everybody I worked with totally nuts singing it. I think the girl was a professional model and if I have the time I’ll do a trawl.

  5. It was a great song! Your coworkers were nuts to begin with if they didn’t LOVE it!

  6. great song, brings me back to my childhood. Also wondering who the lovely lady in the video is.

  7. What’s the name of the girl in the video?

  8. God I thought I was the only one who had a crush on Jim! hahaha I would like to know who is the girl indeed.

  9. If I find anything about this girl I will post here XD

  10. I think the girl is Nina Carter.

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