Jeanie Gets Up

Today’s Tuesday Tribute is a bit late because I needed to do some video editing for Sunny Johnson who co-starred in Flashdance as Jeanie, the ice-skating waitress who ended up dancing with only her shins at Johnny C’s strip club after ruining her One Big Break. Sunny died of a burst blood vessel in her brain in 1984, just a year after her real life One Big Break of a movie came out. Sad! Tragic! And there’s nothing I can do about it. However, I can do something about the nearly as sad and tragic scene in Flashdance where Jeanie falls not once, but twice! (Oh god! Get up Jeanie!) Right. I can’t make that blood vessel unburst, but I can make Jeanie GET UP! And if I get some better video editing software for Christmas, I might just make her put her clothes back on, quit shin dancing at Zanzi-Bar and get back together with Richie. You’re Welcome.

7 responses to “Jeanie Gets Up

  1. Ohh, that’s beautiful. It made me tear up a little. Poor Jeanie. Poor Sunny.

    • Me too! And then I tried to explain it to that dude I live with. Man! Dudes do NOT understand Flashdance.

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