Top Ten Slumber Party Movie Bad Guys

Here are the top 10 Slumber Party Movie bad guys in order from Mild to Wild for your easy reference. (And before you say it, yes, you sort of forgot that Lee Ving was in Flashdance and you TOTALLY forgot Leif Garrett was in The Outsiders. That’s okay. That’s what we’re here for.)

Morris Day
Weapons: Jerome. Pimp Cane.
Enemies: The Kid. Humidity.
Weakness: Apollonia

Johnny C
Weapons: Cecil. Toothpick.
Enemies: Richie Blazik. Pittsburgh Blue Laws.
Weakness: Alex’s Ass.

Melvin P. Thorpe
Weapons: A camera. The ‘truth’. A catchy tune.
Enemies: Hookers with hearts of gold and the sheriffs who love them
Weakness: Pants without an elastic waistband. A stiff wind.

Roy Stalin
Weapons: Skis. Blonde hair.
Enemies: Lane Meyer. Charles De Mar. Chapped lips.
Weakness: Going that way…really fast.

Weapons: Chopper. Acne scars.
Enemies: The T-Birds. That guy (whoever he is).
Weaknesses: Cha Cha. Guys who learned to ride a motorcycle after school…before their tutoring job.

Cobra Kai
Weapons: Jiu Jitsu. Headbands. Dirty tricks.
Enemies: Daniel-san. Guns.
Weakness: Waxing on and waxing off.

Count Tyrone Rugen
Weapons: Sword. Glove. Horse. Sharp tongue.
Enemies. Peasants. Fathers.
Weakness: Vengeful sons.

Bob Sheldon
Weapons: Madras. Trust fund. Fountain.
Enemies: Two Bit. Ponyboy.
Weakness: Switchblades. Doing it for Johnny.

Nomi Malone
Weapons: Stairs. Buns of steel.
Enemies: Hos with more stage time than her. Rapists. Hep C.
Weakness: Potato chips. Tight tops. Italian names. Acting.

Weapons: Sweet bike. Switchblade comb.
Enemies: Pay-you-later types.
Weakness: None.

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