Friday Morning Videos: Wild, Wild West

I’d never seen this video before today. But occasionally I’d hear the song on the radio, and have a very vivid memory of my sister dancing in front of her oversized mirror in my grandmother’s house. Samantha attended Catholic school for three years, living with Grandma and assembling a hefty collection of cassingles in the meantime. As she was a big believer in playing songs until every lyric was memorized, we still know all the words to this song, and it’s always been associated with me sitting on her bed, watching her quick-draw on her reflection before executing a nice cross-ankle/spin.

That was before I’d seen the video. If you have a good memory associated with this song, close out of this browser and never come back. Because if you follow through and watch this video, your nice teenaged memory will be forever tainted by the most disturbing mirror effect ever used in a video. I may never touch a tambourine again.

Can I get a what the fuck?

Can I get a what the fuck?

On the upside, The Escape Club’s lead singer makes Simon le Bon look like Mikhail Baryshnikov. And is that Ralph Fiennes playing the drums?

One response to “Friday Morning Videos: Wild, Wild West

  1. What the fracking frack?

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