Friday Morning Videos: In the Air Tonight

Melinda’s been doing some warmups for Halloween, and while this isn’t specifically a monster song, it’s fricking spooky. Like spooky and also sexy, in the way that Phil Collins can somehow be sexy, especially when he’s grayscaled and soft-focused into a Michael Myers mask.

Also, like so many songs on this feature, it’s often inspired by what I happen to hear on the radio. I was driving during this particular song, and I’m not a terribly experienced driver; I tend to hold my hands tightly on the 2-and-10 positions most of the time. Except for when this came on, when I had to air drum. I had to. So do you. If you don’t believe me, hold your hands still while watching this, and try not to air drum at the 3:15 mark.


You can’t do it.

If you can, you’re clearly on Thorazine and stuck in one of those rooms in that hallway. Listen closely. Do you hear the doorknob jiggle? That’s Phil Collins. He’s looking for you.

P.S. This song also gets major bonus points for being the on the soundtrack to “Risky Business,” which will someday be covered as a Nomi’s Blue Book feature.

One response to “Friday Morning Videos: In the Air Tonight

  1. Creepy Phil Collins videos! If we include Genesis, we’ve also got Land of Confusion and Mama.

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