Under the Rainbow…Wait. What?

A six-foot rabbit in a hat has nothing on this.

Was there really a period piece starring Carrie Fisher and Chevy Chase, set in 1930s Hollywood and revolving around the munchkin auditions for Wizard of Oz? And did it really culminate with Billy Barty, as a womanizing Nazi, being chased by a crowd of little people through the set of Gone With the Wind? Or was that just a flashback to some bad acid we did at a Phish back in the early 90s. Well, … I … erm … I’m not sure. Those Phish heads had some seriously mind-bending sh#t. So I’m probably to wrong person to ask. Here, look at this video and tell me if you see it too.

One response to “Under the Rainbow…Wait. What?

  1. I’m speechless…

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