The Second Best Translating Bit in The History of the Comedy

Well of course we all know what number one is. I mean, come on! How do you beat June Cleaver saying, “Jus’ hang loose, blood?” You don’t. Ever.

But you have to come close with this little gem from the movie Bananas. This was back in 1971, when Woody Allen was known simply as Woody, and not Woody “but she’s over 18” Allen. Back when he could put on a silly fake beard and get a laugh.

Sharp dressed man.

It’s one of those classic Woody bits that makes you laugh, then makes you feel stupid for laughing, and then makes you laugh again. I guess it’s just something about those  men in the white coats flying in with their nets at the end that make us think the joke has been on us the whole time…and it’s a pretty damn funny joke at that.


What do you think?

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