Furrah for the Hoggy!

There are many reasons, many movies, and many slumber parties that have led to this ridiculously dorky but fun-as-all-hell-to-write blog (seriously…we dissect Flashdance and Purple Rain like they were classic literature…if that’s not dorky fun, I don’t know what is). The first movie that the three of us fun dorks bonded over was Jim Henson’s The Frog Prince. As the TV Guide ad below illustrates, it wasn’t exactly The Muppet Movie or even The Great Muppet Caper, so just the fact that we had all once been obsessed* with this obscure gem from Muppet past made us all start a squeal that has yet to decrease in volume and pitch.

Delightfully mod? Oh. So that was what was up with Sir Robin’s hair.

So what better way to say Happy Birthday to my partner in dorkitude than with this song–a song that Jody knows all the words to…frontwards and backwards.

* In a ridiculously dorky and obsessed move, I named one of my cats Sir Robin.

2 responses to “Furrah for the Hoggy!

  1. We’re passing it along to the next generation, too – Moll really enjoys getting serenaded with the Sweetums lullaby. Bappy jirthday, Hody!

  2. Aw! I’m all a weepy with gratitude. Er, greepy with watitude. Yank thou!

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