Other Lessons Learned From Better Off Dead

Sure we all know the big lessons learned from Better Off Dead–all French girls are hot, all blonde people are evil, all cartoon hamburgers are David Lee Roth. And those lessons are great. But here are some other important nuggets of wisdom from BOD.


Not so much a lesson as a Holiday Wish



6 responses to “Other Lessons Learned From Better Off Dead

  1. The feminism happened is BRILLIANT.

  2. @Jody: Fuck you.

  3. Uhhhh, Trolls? You know this post was from 3 years ago, right? To your defense, this was before organised circle jerks (aka men’s rights groups) started furiously trolling for feminism posts to post witty comments like “fuck you” and the good old “if by blank you mean blank”. The fact that you picked up on this one is so pathetic it’s almost funny.

  4. There are SO many more, better opportunities for butthurt in this blog! I’m disappointed, truly.

  5. Paul Whitehouse

    They’re just mad because they are incapable of making their own damned dinner, something I learned how to do rather young.

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