Golden Slumbers, Robin Gibb.

First Donna Summer and now Robin Gibb. And like Donna, I guess you wouldn’t think of Robin as a Slumber Party Movie icon…unless you remembered that The Bee Gees co-starred in the 70’s Beatlesploition flick, Sgt Pepper’s Lonley Heart’s Club Band.

“Wait…what? Co-Starred? How could that be possible? They don’t act.”

Because there wasn’t any dialogue in the movie. To quote The Kids in the Hall, don’t let that scare you, let that free you.

“No dialogue?”

None…unless you count the narration by George Burns.

“George Burns?! Are you effing kidding me?”

Come on. Mellow out. A man has died. Here watch these videos, and all will be clear…er. Also, please note the sweet bit of acting Robin does at the end, shaking his head as if to say, “Nah man. Just let him go.” But not actually saying it. No dialogue.

Get Back Robin! Oh Billy Preston, we need your funky, zappy finger of power now more than ever.

What do you think?

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