More career development lessons from Showgirls

Gina Gershon as Cristal from Showgirls

Gina Gershon, you old whore, you.

As I said in my previous post, Showgirls (1995) is full of career development advice. Fifteen years ago, when I was the young woman fighting my way up the corporate ladder, it was important for me to learn from Nomi’s actions that you sometimes have to push an old whore down the stairs to get ahead. But I am older and more fragile in the hip area these days. Can I still learn from Nomi and Cristal?

The answer is absolutely YES. Now that I am the old whore blocking the advancement of other, younger working women, I can look to Cristal’s example. The lesson is a little more subtle, though. What you must do is get the young hookers on your side, so that even if they do end up pushing you down the stairs, they will at least feel bad about it. Cristal tried to bond with Nomi over their shared love of booze and dog food, but got way too honest.

The lesson is: You cannot tell a young whore that she is a whore. She thinks she’s a dancer, or a sex worker, or a contractor. Honor that distinction or you might have your next bonding session in a hospital bed.

5 responses to “More career development lessons from Showgirls

  1. I just thought of another old whore in hospital bed chatting with new whore–Black Swan has that too. I think there is more room for analysis there too. Note to self old whores–beware of when a new whore comes to check on you in the hospital…

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  4. You’ll always be a young, er, career-minded and talented editor to me. Yup. not that other thing I was thinking of.


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