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Deep Throat is not a Slumber Party Movie!

While watching Slap Shot, I noticed this hilarious marquee behind the victory parade. I’m sure it was a plot point, but I missed it. What a fantastic movie that is, and what a good movie to watch instead of the Stanley Cup.

William Finley. RIP

Today we lost a Slumber Party giant. William Finley , the star of Brian De Palma’s gothicampy masterpiece, Phantom of the Paradise, died today. Tongue firmly planted in a raw, bloody cheek, Phantom of the Paradise stretched the audience’s ability to suspend disbelief. Stretched? Make that tortured. We were supposed to believe that Jessica Harper rocked the house, that Gerrit Graham was super studly and, the biggest stretch of them all, [SPOILER ALERT] that anyone would ever make a deal with The Devil so that they could look like this for the rest of eternity.

The one thing that we found it very easy to believe, was that William Finley could play the holy heck out of one of the creepiest motherf#**ers we’ve ever seen

Oh…about that Big Boogie.

This is the scene in the movie, Roller Boogie, where Linda Blair and a mop on a pair of skates compete in something called a Big Boogie. This clip is too bizarre and scary for the human brain to properly process, so I added narration to make it easier to understand. If your eyes start to bleed, just close them…and listen. (If your ears start to bleed it’s because I totally messed up the audio…I’ll fix that for the next one.)


Way to go, Ned!

While I was researching for an upcoming post comparing Flashdance and Showgirls, I saw that Slap Shot (1977) was on that minute. I turned the channel and they were all fighting on the ice. But fighting led to…

Everything about this scene is magic. That marching band deserved an Oscar for best soundtrack. Happy Friday, y’all!


Doggy Chow


Dang it, Lerlenes*! I meant to post something about the April Fool’s Day Showgirls marathon on Logo, but I was but I was too busy trying to figure out which Shakespearean witch created Joe Eszterhas in her cauldron (I’m going with the ugly one). Here. I’ll make it up to you with this picture of two supposedly sentient women talking about eating dog food.

*In my mind, three women read this blog. They are all named Lerlene.